How to hypergrid teleport in 5 easy steps

Hypergrid teleporting has always seemed so mysterious.  I had heard about experiments being conducted by IBM and Second Life but grid to grid teleporting seemed so esoteric.  However, when Linden Lab layed off 30% of it’s employees I became more curious about alternatives. With further investigation into virtual worlds, my heart took a leap when I realized that hypergrid teleports could connect virtual worlds together in the same manner that hyperlinks connected the World Wide Web!

How to hypergrid                                                  

Following are the 5 easy steps to help you make your first grid-to-grid teleport.  I’ll go over each one in more detail in subsequent paragraphs.

  1. Establish an account at a hypergrid-enabled virtual world.
  2. Visit Hyperica (http://www.hyperica.com/), a directory for hypergrid addresses.
  3. Set your “home location” on the viewer by selecting World on the main menu bar and Set Home to Here on the drop down menu list, log off and log back in again.
  4. Using the Map, enter a hypergrid address in the search dialog box and press the search button.
  5. Once the search results are displayed in text as well as on the map, press the teleport button and you’re on your way!

Establish an Account

Setting up an account is incredibly easy.  Simply visit the website of one of the public grids like OSgrid, ReactionGrid or JokaydiaGRID and supply them with an avatar name and your email address.

Hypergrid Addresses

Hyperica (www.hyperica.com) is a frequently cited repository for hypergrid addresses but there are many others you can find through google.  Maria Korolov has some excellent hypergrid resources at her website (http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/).  Find the most up-to-date list possible as new grids are becoming accessible every day and the status of pre-existing grids is constantly changing.  Prepare yourself to engage in a trial and error process in your search for valid addresses- it’s all part of the adventure!  Some addresses look more like domain names and others IP addresses.  For example: “lower.thehypergates.com:9009:dream%20academy”,  “” and “” are all valid addresses.

Set Home Location

This means selecting the World button on the top menu bar of the viewer and then Set Home to Here” on the drop down menu.  Log off and log back on to complete the reset.

Search the Map

Once you have an address, press cntrl-m to open the viewer map window.  About halfway down on the right panel of the map there are three red circular indicators, the third is in front of the search dialog box.  Copy the address from the hyperica web page or whatever other source you’re using and paste it into the search dialog box by selecting it first with the mouse or touchpad and then using cntrl-c to copy.  Since the map opens with the search box selected by default, you can immediately paste with cntrl-v after pressing cntrl-m.  After pasting, press the search button and the destination should be revealed on the map.  If it isn’t, don’t get discouraged, just try another address until you find one that works.


Press the teleport button and you’re off!  Congratulations, you’ve just made your first hypergrid teleport!

Mystery Revealed

I love doing new things and exploring new places both in virtual worlds and in the real world.  One of the most exciting things about the burgeoning universe of new virtual worlds is all the new people you have the opportunity to meet.  I hope this article enables you to hypergrid on your own but if you still need help join the Hypergird Adventurers Club lead by Pathfinder Linden (http://becunningandfulloftricks.com/hypergrid-adventurers-club/).  Even if you don’t need more help join the club anyway and meet a friendly group of fellow intrepids.  My first successful jump was with the HGAC from Jokaydia to Reaction Grid.  I was excited and the group was buzzing.  Camera shutters could be heard clicking as many rushed to document the event.  A good time was had by all and we even found some freebies at the end of our journey.  I hope you enjoy hypergrid teleporting as much as I do and if you have any questions please IM me in Second Life, OSgrid, Reaction Grid or JokaydiaGRID and I’ll be glad to help.

-Anastasios Aurotharius


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